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Thank you for using our products and services (»Services«). The Services are provided by Club Smart Life. (»CSL«)

When using CSL or one of our Services, you agree to these terms and conditions. Read them carefully.
Our Services are very different, so in some cases there may be additional terms or product requirements (eg age limit). Additional terms are available for the relevant Services, and these terms become part of your agreement with us if you use the Services in question.

Use of our Services

You must follow all policies made available to you in the Services.
Do not abuse our Services. For example, you must not disturb our Services or attempt to access them using a method other than via the interface and the instructions we provide. You may use our Services only in accordance with the law, including applicable laws and regulations on export and re-export. We may suspend Services or make them unavailable to you if you do not comply to our terms or policies or if we investigate a possible violation.

When you use our Services, it does not give you ownership of intellectual property rights in our Services or to the content that you access. You may not use content from our Services unless you obtain permission from CSL or its owner, or if it is otherwise legal. These terms and conditions do not entitle you to use branding, marks, or logos used in our Services. You must not remove, hide or modify the legal messages that appear in or along with our Services.

Our Services may display content that does not belong to CSL. Responsibility for this content is only the responsibility of the person who made it available. We can review content to determine whether it is illegal or violates our policies and we can remove or refuse to display content if we reasonably believe that the content is illegal or violates our policies. This does not necessarily mean, however, that we review content so you should not automatically assume it.

By using our Services, you agree that we are allowed to send you service announcements, administrative notices and other information. You may opt out to receive certain of these messages.

Some of our services are available on mobile devices. Do not use such services in a manner that distracts you or prevents you from complying with traffic or safety laws.

CSL Index

Terms for submitting and build in CSL index database. In general, you are to adhere to the common rules for Ethics and morality. As a member you can, if you wish, submit your own selected web page with your own unique referral link. (This will capture future subscribers to your account). As a member, you are able to rate and comment on any specific web page in the CSL index. The CSL Index will be visible to all internet users, which can see comments and rating made by CSL members and follow promoted links. (Only CSL members can rate and comment).

Terms of trade
Product Information
The special characteristics of the product are stated on CSL or the current website for the Service. Answers to additional information or questions in continuation of the existing information can be obtained by taking contact to CSL.

Changes in price may occur depending on your order date. This is because prices are daily prices and can be changed on a regular basis. If CSL accepts your order, the buyer will be billed on it price valid on the booking date. It may be stated if the price includes VAT. If nothing is specified, the price will be shown incl. VAT.

Manufacture of goods incl. Price at CSL and our Services is just an invitation to take advantage of a price reduction and is therefore not considered a binding offer. When ordering goods from CSL or one of our Services binds the buyer to the offer to buy the item under the terms and conditions and therefore does not constitute a direct binding acceptance. The binding agreement will only enter into force, when the agreement between Buyer and CSL is entered into in the form of an order confirmation, which means that the buyer accepts the offer.

Your account information collected for purchase of goods/services is sent directly and securely to PBS via the encryption form (SSL). CSL and all our Services use SSL to secure you as our customer best possible. CSL accepts payment in direct form from CSL or the applicable Service.

Disclaimer and Warranty
CSL and our Services bring relevant information about other websites to you through links. These websites are not checked by CSL. Therefore we can not be held responsible for their content.

Information about the goods ordered from such websites is not included in the description of the goods ordered in the buyer agreement, and CSL, the goods thus meet the buyer's expectations if they correspond to CSL's own description.

Due to the late delivery or failure of the goods ordered, CSL is not liable for damages if these delays or defects are due to circumstances in the buyer's custody that are outside CSL's control. This may include war, insurgency, unrest, fire, government intervention, seizure, currency restrictions, labor disputes of all kinds, including strike and lockout, or the like.

You who purchase from CSL or one of our Services only obtain warranties for ordered goods that CSL issues to you when purchasing. CSL does not issue an independent warranty.

Right of withdrawal
Basically, you have 14 days' right of withdrawal upon purchase. You do not have a right of withdrawal when purchasing goods that are specially made for you, so-called purchase orders. We will, as far as possible, disclose a right of refusal for purchases from CSL or One of our Services. If you are in doubt of a specific product, information about this can be obtained by taking contact to CSL.

CSL reserves the right to change and update the terms and conditions that apply to CSL and their Services. Therefore, please keep up to date on any changes.


CSL and our Services is owned and published by:

Club Smart Life

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